A recently resettled human village north-east of Leilon , Phandalin is a frontier settlement that exists mostly to support the steady supply of prospectors looking for wealth in the Sword Mountains.

Recent Events in Phandalin

A summary of some notable recent events that have transpired in Phandalin lately.

Destruction of the Redbrands

The Party discovered that the local bandit group, the Redbrands, were based under Tresdene Manor. Infiltrating the manor cellar, the party destroyed the majority of the Redbrands, freed some captive Phandalin villagers, and destroyed a dangerous Nothic- that lurked within. Unfortunately the leader of the Redbrands, a mage going by the title of Glasstaff, escaped during the chaos.

Capture of Iarno Albrek

The mage Glasstaff turned out to be none other than Iarno Albrek, an operative of the Lord’s Alliance whom had originally been sent to Phandalin to combat such menances as the Redbrands. However it appears that Glasstaff was more interested in riches and power than protecting his charges, and the Black Spider was able to persuade him to switch sides without much effort. His betrayal caught up with him, however, as the party were able to capture him during their infiltration of Cragmaw Castle and deliver him to Sildar Hallwinter, another member of the Lord’s Alliance.

Rescue of Nundro Rockseeker

Having discovered the location of Wave Echo Cave , the party dove into its depths in search of the missing Rockseeker brothers (and treasure). Whilst they were unfortunately too late to save Thundren, the party did rescue Nundro from the clutches of the mysterious Black Spider. They were able to return Nundro to his cousin Gundren, along with the body of Thundren – an act that has made Gundren ever-grateful to them.

Places in Phandalin

  • Stonehill Inn – A modest inn run by Toblen and Trilena Stonehill
  • Barthen’s Provisions – The biggest trading post in Phandalin, run by Elmar Barthen.
  • Lionshield Coster – A weapons and armor supplier owned by the Lionshield Coster. The master of this post is Linene Graywind.
  • Alderleaf Farm – A simple farm run by a wise female halfling of forty-five named Qelline Alderleaf.
  • Shrine of Luck – A small stone shrine, this is Phandalin’s only temple and is dedicated to Tymora. It is in the care of Sister Garaele.
  • The Sleeping Giant – A rundown, dirty, and dangerous tavern. Previously frequented by the Redbrands bandit group, it is operated by a surly female dwarf named Grista.
  • Townmaster’s Hall – A small building that operates as the village’s council building. The townmaster is currently Harbin Wester.
  • Tresendar Manor – An ancient building that was abandoned after orc raids in 951 DR. The cellars had been turned into the hideout of the Redbrands.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Toblen and Trilena Stonehill – A young human couple that run the Stonehill Inn. Toblen originally intended to become a prospector, but found his talents much more suited to running a tavern than digging in the ground.
  • Elmar Barthen – An older human gentleman that owns Barthen’s provisions. Around 50 years of age, Elmar is thin and balding with a kindly personality.
  • Linene Graywind – A sharp tongued human female in her mid-thirties, Linene operates the local Lionshield Coster outpost.
  • Qelline Alderleaf – A female halfing farmer who owns Alderleaf farm. Friends with the druid Reidoth in Thundertree.
  • Sister Garaele – a zealous young female elf, who looks after the Shrine of Luck.
  • Grista – a surly middle aged female dwarf, who runs the Sleeping Giant.
  • Harbin Wester – the current townmaster, Harbin is a large self-important human male.
  • Gundren and Nundro Rockseeker – Dwarven cousins who came to Phandalin to seek the Lost Cave of Phandelver and the Forge of Spells within. After losing Nundro’s brother Thundren to the wickedness of the Black Spider, the dwarves current location is unknown.
  • Sildar Hallwinter – A member of the Lord’s Alliance , Sildar came to Phandalin to investigate the disappearance of his colleague Iarno. Travelling under the guise of Gundren’s bodyguard, Sildar was captured during the goblin attack on Gundren, being later freed by the party in Cragmaw Cave. Sildar is currently assumed to have returned to Neverwinter with the captive Iarno.




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